February 2019 Newsletter

From the President’s Easel

A late invitation to hang paintings in the Hunter Region Botanic Gardens sent us scurrying to gather enough paintings of a botanical or regional theme. June Beckett, Michelle Nickerson, Ron Ailwood and I took the paintings over to the Botanic Gardens where Belinda Blanch did a great job of hanging them. If you haven’t yet seen the photos of the display, take a look at the Dungog Arts Society FaceBook page. And, if you don’t mind, it would help us if you would share it to your friends as several of you have already done. As an added bonus we’ve already had a sale from the exhibit.

I think the gallery is looking better than ever. Carrie Williams, our curator, has been doing a great job. She’s got more ideas on how to make the gallery appealing to the public, so just watch our space evolve. I know the number of paintings per artist are not even across the board, but Carrie’s aim is to have the gallery balanced, and to have a good deal of turnover every fortnight when she changes the windows.

Speaking of our windows, make sure to stop by and see the featured artist. We are getting a new artist to display in the windows every fortnight, going in (close to) alphabetical order. These artists are also well represented in the gallery. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback on the two featured artists’ works thus far.

We have another painting being raffled. Help support us, both by buying some raffles and by offering them to visitors at the gallery and people you know.

Good news from our landlord, Douglas Spedding. He has agreed to extend our rental agreement for another year at the same rent, thus supporting us in a big way. This allows us to continue operating without too much erosion of our savings.


Dates and Events to Remember 

4th Annual Dungog Archies

Sponsored by our Medical Centre, with first prize $750 and second prize $250, this has become quite an event.  Last year a youth prize was also awarded and may be added this year as well, if we have under 18 artists. Deadline for entries and fees is 15 March and works are due by 2 pm on the 26 March. Opening night is Friday, 29 March at our gallery, 266 Dowling St. Entry forms can be found here.

Art Gallery of NSW Masters of Modern Art

We are planning an excursion to view Masters of Modern Art from the Hermitage on 26 February. If you signed up previously we have you on the list. We will check with the train schedule to see if it can accommodate us getting back, but as of the last time we checked, we’d need to carpool into Maitland and take the train from there. I’m told the exhibition is fabulous.

Etching workshop

Please contact Jan Samson if you have an interest in an all day workshop on the process of etching – all materials, except zinc plates are covered by the tuition. Zinc plates are $10-18 depending on the size and will be provided by the tutor, Amanda Donahue. Class is limited to 6. However Jan is currently looking for a larger venue so we may have more people. The date is 4 March, 10:30 – 3:30 with set up before and clean up after. Unfortunately we lost 1 person because of the date selected by the tutor, so we are down to 3. The cost will depend on how many sign up (Jan is estimating between $80 and $90). Lunch will be pizza or bring your own.

Drawing Class

It is in full swing at 5:30 on Mondays. $5 per class, under 18’s are free.


We are considering applying for grants which would cover infrastructure, i.e. new, cheaper lighting, and programs to further arts in the community. If  you are interesting in participating in writing grants, please let me know.

I know it’s too soon to start talking about September’s Annual Exhibition, but it is worthy of note that we have already been invited back for that month to the Botanic Gardens, so you might want to start thinking about a botanic theme.

Do you have 4 hours a month to spare?

Please check schedules in the black binder in the gallery work room and fill in a date. If you’re not sure how to be in the gallery we will happily provide training during your first days there. There are still several opportunities on it for you to help keep us functioning. Thank you. For those of you who are scheduled and find you have a conflict, the calendars will provide a list of people to call to see if you can trade.

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Dungog Arts Society’s mission is to foster creative activities for all members of the community and to further develop artist awareness. Our latest activities and upcoming events can be found on our News page.

We can be found at the foot hills of the World Heritage listed Barrington Tops National Park, on the main street of the historic town of Dungog, 266 Dowling Street Dungog NSW 2420.

The original art group began in 1973 with a small group of artists and was eventually formed into a Society in the year 2000. Our main aims are:

  • To nurture an interest in art in the Dungog community
  • To provide facilities for local artists to meet and work together
  • To have classes for people to learn drawing and painting techniques
  • To venture out into the field and enjoy the great outdoors.

Our current committee is listed on this page.

If you wish to join as a member, go to this page.