July Newsletter 

If we are going to hire a bus to view the Archibold Exhibition we MUST have your name on our list immediately. As of this moment we will have to cancel (rail-taxi transport being considered) as our interested parties are only half of what we need to pay for the bus. Let us know by email ([email protected]) or phone (Toby 0428 630 214).

Annual September Exhibition

So far it’s been a busy year and winter is promising to be even busier. Two more months until our Annual September Exhibition.  Thanks to all those who have rolled up their sleeves and are hard at work to make this the best exhibition ever! Volunteers are always appreciated! Right now we could use help in distributing some flyers to businesses in the shire.

Plans are well and truly underway for our Annual September Exhibition. Opening night is at the Festival Lounge on Friday, 27 September, running through 7 October. Last year was a record breaking exhibition, with more sales than ever before. Get working on a piece or two (maximum is 4), and get a new audience for your art. The Judge is Kristen Lethem, a Sydney artist who judged the Gresford show this year. If you’re available to volunteer in any capacity, please contact me.

Do you have contact with a person or business who may sponsor our art prizes? We are in need of expanding our contributors. If you have an idea, run it by our secretary, treasurer or president to make sure they don’t already sponsor us.

Dungog Tea Party

The Dungog Tea Party is on.  The Art Society is participating by having a PAINTING TEA PARTY. We are offering an opportunity for those who would like to try their hand at putting paint to canvas. All art supplies and some  instruction  supplied, along with a delicious afternoon tea,  for a fee of $20, 2 – 4 pm on Friday 23rd August. Maximum of 10 attendees so reserve your place early as this will be advertised in other places.

Other exhibitions

Botanical Gardens – theme is biodiversity.  Displaying for the entire month of September. Last time we displayed about 20 works, so there’s room for you! Works can be paintings, collages, sculptures, fabric, or ? We’ll need a list of interested members.

The Gloucester Exhibition is confirmed for November. We have 7 people who are splitting the cost to exhibit in their gallery. Plan to travel up to see it sometime in November.

Pablo Tapia is coming back to Dungog on 19 October! He has so much to offer us. I know I’ve learned a lot from him after participating in 2 workshops. I’m taking this one too, even though I really don’t know much about painting. Please contact Jan Samson for details and to enroll. There’s a maximum of 10 students, and each previous workshop has been completely filled.

Membership renewal

Membership renewal is due! Please find the application here and renew ASAP. It helps to keep us going.

Do you have 4 hours a month to spare?

Please check schedules in the black binder in the gallery work room and fill in a date to help keep our gallery open. If you’re not sure how to be in the gallery we will happily provide training during your first days there. There are still several opportunities on it for you to help keep us functioning. Thank you. For those of you who are scheduled and find you have a conflict, the calendars will provide a list of people to call to see if you can trade.

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Dungog Arts Society’s mission is to foster creative activities for all members of the community and to further develop artist awareness. Our latest activities and upcoming events can be found on our Events page.

We can be found at the foot hills of the World Heritage listed Barrington Tops National Park, on the main street of the historic town of Dungog, 266 Dowling Street Dungog NSW 2420.

The original art group began in 1973 with a small group of artists and was eventually formed into a Society in the year 2000. Our main aims are:

  • To nurture an interest in art in the Dungog community
  • To provide facilities for local artists to meet and work together
  • To have classes for people to learn drawing and painting techniques
  • To venture out into the field and enjoy the great outdoors.

Our current committee is listed on this page.

If you wish to join as a member, go to this page.