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I am self-taught, having had no formal artist education, and not studying art at
school or university. However, over the last ten years, I have attended many
classes in Sydney and elsewhere.
I also attended the Art in Action Cass workshop in May 2012.
I have been oil painting for around 25 years.
Since I retired, I have been able to devote more time by setting up my own
studio. My subject matter is very varied but has included Australian landscapes
including country scenes with animals. I particularly love painting horses. As my
studio is situated on our farm, there are always plenty of opportunities at hand,
including plein air.
I also get inspiration from holiday photos, including landscapes; city
scapes; seascapes, snowscapes with skiers, portraits, and wildlife.
Recently, I have developed a technique to depict the texture of snow. I mix
the oil paint with melted beeswax and use a palette knife to apply the
paint. In this way the snow has shape and body.
I starting exhibiting in 2009 and have exhibited most years since then. Exhibitions
include the Gresford Show; KAAF 2016 Exhibition; the Hunter Hill Art Exhibition
and the Dungog Archies.
November 2020 Hunters Hill Art Exhibition 3rd prize off piste 2
February 2022 Dungog Archies 2nd prize for portrait of my husband,
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Rescuing the Livestock
Oil on Canvas
24in X 30in
The Water Recedes
Oil on Canvas
20in X 24in
Off Piste 3
Oil on Canvas
24in X 20in​
The Male Dancer
Oil on Canvas
12in X 16in​