As our website is up and running, I wish to extend an invitation, as a member of our society, to display your artwork on the site.
You will see a page called “our artists” and a subpage called “individual artists page”
My personal page Greg Mudie, is set up pretty well as it should look in the final stage.
I invite each artist to submit.
·          Personal photo for your page
·         A biography of say, 100 -150 words
·         A link to any website, Instagram, Facebook,    Tumblr etc that you would like included

·         At this stage, up to 4 photos of works that you would like to display on your page. You should include title of work, dimensions in centimetres H(eight) X W(idth), medium and sale price.

  • I understand, that some of you have books, fabric art, quilts, jewelry  etc, so any description that you feel is suitable is fine.

If for personal reasons, you prefer not to provide a bio photo, I will insert the DAS logo or even a photo of one of your works
I would ask that you send this information to my personal email,, simply so as not to clutter up the gallery’s email account. A subject line of “artist page” would assist me.
Don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions, but remember I’m out at Munni and phone reception is crap.
Also, if you have any further suggestions for inclusions on the site, improvements etc, include that in your email.
I look forward to hearing from you.