Secretary Newsletter February 2022

Hello members

The big wet continues. Look out for those potholes.

Dungog Archies

The opening night on Friday 25th February of the Dungog Archies was a roaring success. A big crowd that was estimated at around 120, enjoyed the festivities. Food and wine flowed freely and the visitors were treated to 47 exhibits of outstanding quality. Special thanks to members Mark Preece and Larry Simon for the use of their new home as the venue. Many thanks to the hard working members who ensured the event was the success that it was.

Congratulations to Janelle Hatherly for her portrait titled “Jan”, being of course our beloved member Jan Samson. A picture of the portrait is attached, and all prize winners are up on our Facebook page and website.

Flag for the Gallery

A feature of Dungog’s main road is the display of advertising flags, promoting the owner’s business. As our gallery is at the far end of town, the committee has decided that we would benefit from a similar flag of our own.

We have purchased one and it will soon be delivered. After much research, it has been secured for under $200, which is a bargain indeed.

We ask that any member who can, to make a small donation towards the purchase price.

Change to gallery opening hours

It is a difficult task to determine the busiest time for our gallery. It does appear that weekend mornings are busiest, therefore, to capture that business we have decided to revert to opening hours of 10am to 2pm every day.

Procedure for accepting membership applications to Dungog Arts Society

This is primarily aimed at members who work in the gallery and receive requests for membership. However, it is important that the general membership is aware of the membership application process.

To conform with the legal requirements of our Constitution, the following procedure MUST be followed when a customer presents and wishes to join Dungog Arts Society.

  • Ask customer to complete the application form as usual.

  • DO NOT accept payment at this time.

  • Advise the customer that the application for membership will be assessed by the membership committee and as soon as practicable, the customer will be advised if their request for membership has been successful or not.

  • Advise the customer that if their membership application is successful, then the confirmation correspondence sent to them will contain details of how to make payment.

  • Prospective members can still apply online, but the facility to pay online has been removed. Any online application will be subject to the above procedure.

March Gallery Roster is attached

Until next month

Greg Mudie


Dungog Arts Society

March gallery roster.jpg
DAS Newsletter November2021

Hello members

Hands up those who think we have had enough rain.

New Publicity Officer

Dianne Pope has accepted the role of the Society’s Publicity Officer. Di will be busy with the upcoming Archies and already has plans for promoting that event. If any member has ideas on how to promote Dungog Arts Society in general, Di would love to hear from you.

The Dungog Archies

Speaking of the Archies, just a reminder that they will run from 25 February 2022 until 11 March 2022, with entries closing on 18th February.

At our last meeting it was discussed whether we should advertise outside of the Dungog Shire, bearing in mind that the subject of any Archies portrait must be a local Dungog identity. We have many members from outside of the Shire, particularly in Maitland and Newcastle and it was decided that these members have every right to enter, as long as they preside by the conditions of entry, namely that the subject is a local Dungog identity.

Christmas Raffle

Donations are still required to fill the wheelbarrow, generously donated by Bunnings Maitland, with gifts for our Christmas raffle. Just drop them off at the gallery.

Christmas Party

A reminder that our Christmas party will be held on Saturday 18th December at the residence of our President Carrie Williams.

Trivia Night – Dungog RSL

The Dungog Tea Party will be holding a trivia night at the RSL on Saturday 27 November, from 6:30 for a 7:00pm start. If you would like to be part of the fun contact Pauline Cambourn on 0429      629 014.

Making Our Gallery More Visible

It is a fact that our gallery is at the end of the main street and as such can me missed by the tourists new to town. To help address this situation we will display flags out the front, marked with gallery insignia, to direct attention to our location. Carrie is working on the wording.

Making Payments Via Our Website

Members and customers can now make payments for services such as paying membership, entering exhibitions, purchasing artworks and buying raffle tickets via the website, paying by credit card or PayPal.

December Gallery Roster is attached


Until next month


Greg Mudie


Dungog Arts Society

Dec Gallery Roster.jpg
DAS Newsletter October 2021

Dear Members

Dungog is certainly looking beautiful (more beautiful?) after recent rain.

The Dungog Archies

We have decided on a date for the Dungog Archies portrait competition. It will run from Friday 25 February to Friday 11 March 2022.

We are in the final stages of organizing prizemoney and a venue.  We hope to again have a Youth (13-18yo) and Junior (under13) section. So get painting on your portrait of a local Dungog Shire identity. Stay tuned for further details.

A Good Month Financially

Our treasurer, Ruth Dircks reported that in September, receipts exceeded payments. This was the first time in a long time and let’s hope it is a continuing trend.

Hanging Work in the Gallery

Carrie, wearing her Curators’ hat has requested that members wishing to hang works in the gallery abide by a certain hanging requirement, namely items to be properly strung, either having a cord or wire across the back attached with staples or d-rings.

Christmas Raffle

We will approach Bunnings Maitland, asking if they would again donate a wheelbarrow as part of our annual Christmas raffle. Should they generously oblige, we ask members to donate a gift to fill the barrow. This is a major fundraiser each year and your support would be greatly appreciated.

Christmas Party.

Keep Saturday 18th December free for our Christmas Party. This year it will be held at the residence of our President. Carrie Williams.

Gallery Roster

The November gallery roster is attached. Please note your dates in your diary as a reminder to turn up. There are emergency contact details on the roster if you cannot attend for any reason.

Get better soon

Dear members, Marilyn Rudak and Simone Turner Ryan have not been 100% of late, so we wish them a speedy recovery to full health.


Until next month


Greg Mudie


Dungog Arts Society

Nov 2021 Gallery Roster.jpg

DAS Newsletter September 2021

Hello members

Nice to see the town buzzing again as lockdown has been lifted.

Gallery re-opened

After 6 weeks of lockdown it was good to have the gallery open for business. The reality is that with adjacent LGAs and Greater Sydney still in lockdown, visitor numbers will be down.  Thank you to the Dungog members who are covering shifts at the gallery, for those members unable to attend due to living outside the Shire.

Conflicting advice has come from the government concerning vaccination requirements for both gallery staff and visitors.  To date, staff are not required to be vaccinated nor are staff required to ensure that visitors are vaccinated. Staff should continue to ensure that visitors check in.

Pathway out of Lockdown.

Forward planning for our Society and indeed all businesses, is very much dependent on the government’s policies concerning easing of Covid-19 restrictions. This Friday would have seen the opening of our Annual Exhibition, which was regretfully postponed due to Covid.

Indications are that restrictions will be eased when the population has reached 70% double vaccinated and this should occur around 11-15 October.  The nature of the ease of restrictions is unknown so it is pointless to speculate. Our Society will monitor the situation and advise members of changes that affect us as they become known.

Future Exhibitions

We were able to have our September meeting at the gallery last Tuesday. We discussed the possibility of future exhibitions. Again, easing of Covid restrictions will have a major bearing, but it was decided that we should conduct the Dungog Archies before the major Annual Exhibition.

It is thought that the Archies would be easier to organize and could be held in a smaller venue. It is not expected that it will go ahead in 2021, but a date in early 2022 is envisaged. So line up a subject and get painting.

Use of the CWA Hall

Member Julie Fitzgerald, who is also President of the Dungog CWA has suggested that the CWA Hall would be an ideal location for an event such as the Archies. The CWA was recently the recipient of a grant to install a hanging system at the premises. Julie has further offered the hall to artists to hold their own exhibitions and indeed, a place where young budding artists could display their works. This is an exciting initiative.

Online Sales via our Website

With the gallery closed, there was no income from sales.  The opportunity existed to upgrade our website to allow online sale of art. Even with the gallery now open, the facility will remain and hopefully can generate sales from anywhere in Australia.

Further, it is there should unforeseen lockdowns arise and could be used for other purposes such as online exhibitions. Selling art online has its challenges, however any sale is a benefit to the Society.

Until next month

Greg Mudie


Dungog Arts Society

Dungog Arts Society Newsletter August 2021

Hello members

Please stay safe in these difficult Covid times. However, your mental health is important too, so consider leaving the house and getting some exercise at an appropriate time of day.

Annual General Meeting

Our AGM was held on Tuesday 3 August at the gallery.

All positions on the Executive were declared vacant and the positions were filled as follows.

President                        Carrie Williams               moved by     Joan Dawson     seconded Wendy Grahame

Vice President               Cynthia Denning          moved by     Ruth Dirks           seconded   Joan Dawson

Secretary                         Greg Mudie                    moved by    Wendy Grahame seconded   Cynthia      

Ass. Secretary                Cheryl Lavender            moved by     Marilyn Rudak   seconded   Greg Mudie

Min. Secretary              Michelle Nickerson      moved by    Wendy Grahame seconded   Cynthia

Mem. Secretary            Marilyn Rudak               moved by     Greg Mudie       seconded    Cynthia Denni

Treasurer                        Ruth Dircks                    moved by      Toby Solomon   seconded    Marilyn Rudak

Asst. Treasurer              Cheryl Lavender            moved by     Toby Solomon   seconded    Greg Mudie

Publicity Officer            Gay Shield                       moved by     Marilyn Rudak seconded    Wendy        

Workshop Co-Ord        Donna Woodlands       moved by     Toby Solomon  seconded    Marilyn Exhibition Co-Ord   Toby Solomon                               moved by            Cheryl Lavender seconded   Greg Mudie

Historian                          Pat Staker                       moved by       Toby Solomon  seconded    Marilyn Rudak

Curator                             Carrie Williams               moved by     Marilyn Rudak seconded  Lavend

Assistant Curator        Cynthia Denning          moved by     Joan Dawson      seconded    Cheryl Lavender

Public Officer                 Toby Solomon             moved by     Marilyn Rudak   seconded    Ruth Dircks

Roster Officer                Ira Morgan                  moved by      Ruth Dircks         seconded    Toby Solomon

Website admin            Greg Mudie  

Thank you to all outgoing executive members, in particular to ex-President, Toby Solomon. . Toby has worked tirelessly over her extended tenancy of President, and she can look back with great satisfaction on what she has achieved for the Society over that time. She has represented Dungog Arts Society faithfully and promoted it within our community. She will be sorely missed in that role, but I’m sure she will be keenly involved in Society life and her great knowledge can be called upon when needed. We thank you Toby.

The Treasurers report indicated that not surprisingly, we struggled to make ends meet last financial year. A summary of our bank accounts is listed below.

Balance of accounts                  July 1st, 2120                June 30th 2021

Business cheque account            $12,444.30                         $8961.62

Sponsorship account                       $914.84                          $5984.08

Term deposit                                 $17,417.47                        $17609.70

The key figure here is the situation of the business cheque account, which represents the day to day running of the Society. There is no doubt that should we have been able to stage an Annual Exhibition in 2020 that we would have broken even, if not, made a small profit.


Change to our monthly meetings


It has been decided that our monthly meetings will now be held on the third Tuesday of each month, at the gallery, starting at 10:30am. Since our August monthly meeting as held after the conclusion of the AGM, the next meeting was to be the September meeting, held on Tuesday 21st. Due to lockdown this meeting has been cancelled.  Pending lifting of lockdown, our next meeting will be Tuesday 19th October.


Membership fees    


A gentle reminder that membership fees for 2021/22 are due. Please consider renewing your membership at your earliest convenience. The easiest way to do this is via our website, however a paper form is attached to this newsletter.

Annual Exhibition.

As I write this newsletter, the Premier has announced a lockdown of Dungog and other Hunter councils, due to the Covid -19 epidemic. This is unwelcome news on many levels, and we fear that should lockdown be extended, it could impact on our Annual Exhibition, scheduled for 1st October.

We will keep you informed.

Until next month

Greg Mudie


Dungog Arts Society


Dear Members

Batten down for a real taste of Winter on Thursday.

Annual Art Exhibition

Plans are proceeding well for our Annual Art Exhibition in October. The venue has been booked, that being the Dungog RSL, who have generously waived all fees for the duration of the event.

Sponsors have been approached and we have commitments to allow a total prize pool of $6500.

This is slightly more than the 2019 pool and extraordinary in view of the fact that Covid has impacted many of the businesses who have donated. As promised in letters to prospective sponsors, their names will appear on all promotional material. Please have a look on our website on this page to see our sponsors and where possible support them as they have supported our organization.

Entry forms are now available from the gallery or you can enter via our website at

Full details of the exhibition are also on the website here

Get painting !!!

Commission Rates

Dungog Arts Societys’ main source of operational income is commission on sales. Every month, we are running at a loss. In the past, our income was boosted by the Annual Exhibition which allowed us to manage costs. COVID-19 impacted us severely as there was no 2020 exhibition.

Reluctantly, the committee has decided that we need to increase the commission paid by DAS members from 15% to 20%. We trust that members will accept this increase to ensure the very existence of our Society. This increase will apply on sales from 1 July 2021.

Procedure for Determining Commission Rates for Members

It has been a long held practice that members who regularly cover a shift each month at the gallery are entitled to a reduction in commission paid from 30% to 15%. Recently, there has been debate over the fairness of this procedure, due to the fact, that for a number of reason, including, but not limited to, distance from gallery and non-recognition of other forms of support offered other than attending the gallery.

Therefore, it has been decided that a reduction in commission rates will be afforded to those who, in the opinion of the executive, have made a significant contribution to the running of the society, both currently and for periods in the past. This addresses the issue that there are many ways that individuals can give support to Dungog Arts Society.

Filling the Monthly Gallery Roster

There is often the situation where a member for any number of reasons is unable to fill their allocated day on the gallery roster. It is the responsibility of that member to find a replacement. This can be difficult if the member does not have contact details of members.

Therefore, we are proposing an EMERGENCY list of contact details of any member who would be willing to fill a shift at short notice. This contact list will then be made available to all members to refer to in case of the need for a change in shift. Please respond to this email if you would like to be on the list.

New date for Annual General Meeting

It has been decided to move the Annual General Meeting to the first Thursday in August each year.

Therefore, the next AGM will be Thursday 5th August. The meeting will start at 5pm to be followed by the ordinary monthly meeting.  At the Annual General Meeting all executive positions will be declared vacant. Our president Toby Solomon has announced that she will be standing down and will not be nominating for any positions. All members are welcome to nominate for any position.


The Society offers our condolences to member Jan Samson who suffered a recent loss in the family and our thoughts are with Dorothy Davis who sadly lost her husband Barry last month after a long illness.

Til next month


Greg Mudie


Dungog Arts Society

Dungog Arts Society Newsletter May 2021

Hello members,

Hopefully if you have had visits from our little rodent friends, they are now in retreat.


Our next workshop will be Cynthia Denning’s “Using Spirit Medium with Pastels”, to be held on Saturday 29th May. The venue will be the Dungog Hospital Day Care Room at Hospital Rd Dungog from 10am til 2pm. All materials will be supplied. Cost is $20, but if interested please book now as only a few spots remain. Either respond via this email or put your name on the list at the gallery.

We have been able to squeeze in one more workshop with the generous grant from Arts Upper Hunter. Gaye Shield will run another class in oil painting concentrating on the seascape. This will be held on Saturday 12 June and more details will be available later.


All systems are go for our Annual Exhibition running from Friday 1 October to Sunday 10 October.

Our committee is chasing sponsorship dollars and are closing in on a total prizemoney pool of $6000.

It is important to secure the sponsorship money before we can send out entry forms and advertising material. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for any updates.


Don’t forget to keep your eye on our “exhibitions & events “page for any art exhibitions in our region. The Dobell Festival of Art and Craft is closing this Friday 14th, so time is running out.

Until next month

Greg Mudie


Dungog Arts Society


Hello members,

Dungog has dried out after the big wet and everything is lovely and green.


Our latest workshop has come and gone. Leigh Nankervis’ Lino cut workshop was a great success and this is what participant Donna Woodlands had to say about it.

“Thankyou Leigh for leading such an informative workshop. Over the 2 days we learned such a lot both from your instruction and practical help. Everything ran smoothly and we were kept terribly busy due to your detailed and professional preparation, and we can continue to practice with the help of your prepared booklet. The 8 of us ended the weekend very tired, but well satisfied with the work we had done. You have inspired us by opening up the possibilities of further development of our skills in the future with you.”

Next workshop will be Gaye Shields’ Oils for Beginners on Saturday 24 April. Whilst fully booked at this stage we have created a waiting list should there be dropouts.

Change to Gallery Opening Times

With a change to roster availability, it has been decided to close the gallery on Mondays. You may recall that until fairly recently the gallery did not open on the Monday. However, we will open the gallery on public holiday Mondays.

Commission rate on sales – input requested from members

At present, 30% commission is payable on sales, reduced to 15% for those members who regularly (at least once a month) complete a shift minding the gallery.

At our April meeting, it was suggested that this may not be a fair and equitable arrangement. There were a number of reasons put forward why this may be the case including, other for like contributions such as donations to the society, payments for services such as EFTPOS and website, other services such as compiling rosters, life members who are unable to contribute due to health or distance. Further, many members who have provided loyal service in the past, spend parts of the year away from the Dungog Shire.

We are seeking discussion on this matter before making any changes. We welcome opinions from all members to gauge their feelings. If you have a view on this matter, get in touch with a committee member. Or reply to this email or attend our next monthly meeting. No decision will be made before that date.

Annual Art Exhibition – Contribution towards cost of display panels

At our most recent Annual Art Exhibition at the Festival Lounge, we had the ability to display artworks on the existing panel boards that formed the walls of the building. We will not have that capacity at the Dungog RSL, therefore will require additional display panels. We currently have 24 of these but calculate that we will require 15 more. A Dungog local will construct these for us, but due to our current perilous financial situation, we are seeking donations to cover the cost.

If you can help, please drop into the gallery or direct deposit to our bank account BSB 646 000 A/C 100073110, reference panels your surname.

IGA Dungog

Did you know that IGA Dungog generously donate a proportion of sales to local charities, of which our society is one? Customers need to register who they wish to support. If you shop at IGA and wish to support us, go to

Until next month


Greg Mudie


Dungog Arts Society



Hello members,

Well, a very wet Summer has now concluded. What a change from last year.


Our next workshop will be on Lino Cut. This should be a very interesting workshop as we have not had one on this particular skill previously.

It will be run by Leigh Nankervis over two days, Saturday 27th March and Sunday 28th March from 10am to  4pm at Donna Woodlands’ residence at 82 Mackay St, Dungog.

The cost is $50 and all required equipment will be provided. Payment is due upon registration.

You can pay by cash at the gallery or direct debit to BSB 646 000 A/C 100073110, Reference – Your Surname and Nankervis.

But be quick. At time of going to press there are only 4 spots available.

You can register by replying to this email, in person at the gallery or via the website Contact Us page

Future Workshops

More details will be provided closer to the dates.

Facilitator: Gaye Shield

Painting the Landscape in Oils

24th  April 2021

Facilitator: Cynthia Denning

Using Spirit Medium with Pastel

29th  May 2021

Proposed Annual Art Exhibition

We have a committee working hard to put an exhibition together this year. Provisionally, we intend to hold it in early October. Finding an appropriate venue has been a challenge, but we are confident that we will soon have one locked away. More details will follow as they come to hand, but in the meantime, get those paints out and get your entries underway.

On a related matter, we also hope to run the Dungog Archies in 2022, possibly in March.

Gallery Roster and Commission rates

Historical advice has always been that any member who volunteers “regularly” to mind the gallery is entitled to a reduced commission rate of 15%. The word regularly is open to interpretation, so to clarify, a member would need to work at least one shift per month to satisfy that requirement.

Clarence Town Courthouse Art Exhibition

Members of the FKG (Frank Kilpatrick Gallery) are holding an open air Art Day and display at the Clarence Town Court House Museum on 13 March 2021 from 10am. 

Local artists will be working in the museum grounds and you are very welcome to join in by bringing your own art requirements or just enjoy the creative atmosphere. 

Some art supplies will be available if you forgot your own. 

Entry by gold coin donation. 

The Museum will be open. 

For further information please contact Heather on 0423362231.


Until next month


Greg Mudie


Dungog Arts Society

Gallery Roster April 2020.jpg

Dear Members

A new year is upon us and we can only keep our fingers crossed that COVID-19 does not impact greatly on our lives and the running of our Society.


Thanks to grants from Dungog Shire Council and Arts Upper Hunter, we have been able to run a series of workshops, designed to upgrade skills of participants and to provide social inclusion in these difficult COVID -19 times.

Our next workshop will be 2 single day workshops held on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th February, run by Pablo Tapia.

For convenience, there is an attachment to this email with details of Pablo’s workshops, PLUS reports of the two workshops already held, PLUS preliminary details of upcoming workshops.

Should you wish to attend Pablo’s workshop either reply to this email, attend the gallery and add your name to the list of reply via our website using the Contact Us link

Dungog Arts Society Annual Exhibition 2021

Our Society is determined to hold an art exhibition this year. Pencil in Friday 1 October to Sunday 10 October. We are currently in negotiations for a venue in Dowling St. Hopefully our exhibition can be run in conjunction with Sculpture on the Farm. Further details as they come to hand.

Event at Frank Kilpatrick Gallery – Clarence Town

Members of the FKG (Frank Kilpatrick Gallery) are holding an open-air Art Day and display at the Clarence Town Court House Museum on 13 March 2021 from 10am. Local artists will be working in the museum grounds and you are very welcome to join in by bringing your own art requirements or just enjoy the creative atmosphere.  Some art supplies will be available if you forgot your own. Entry by gold coin donation. The Museum will be open. For further information please contact Heather on 0423362231

Sad news

It is with great sadness that we must report the sudden passing of Mark Reedman on Tuesday 2nd February.

Mark was the Regional Arts Development Officer and Executive Director of Arts Upper Hunter.

Mark worked tirelessly to promote art in the region and was instrumental in our Society receiving a $5000 grant to conduct artistic workshops.

 He will be sorely missed.


Until next month


Greg Mudie


Dungog Arts Society


Dear Members

A truly amazing year is drawing to a close. Dungog should be proud of its effort in fighting COVID-19. Sacrifices were willingly made for the good of all and our community has emerged stronger and more resilient

Trip to Sydney – Archibald Prize and Streeton Exhibition


All is progressing well with our trip to the Art Gallery of NSW to see the above exhibitions on Wednesday 6th January. We shall be leaving Dungog at 7:00am, departing from outside the gallery, proceeding via Clarence Town and Maitland to pick up passengers. There will be a refreshment stop along the way on the Motorway. We should arrive at the gallery around 11:00am. We will depart at 3:00pm with expected arrival back in Dungog at 7:00pm.

There has been a change to the itinerary. It was originally suggested that after the viewing at the gallery, that we travel to the S.H. Erwin Gallery in the Rocks to view the Salon de Refuse for the Archibald. Unfortunately, this exhibition closed on 29th November so there is no point in going there. We feel that there is more than enough to keep us occupied at the Art Gallery of NSW with the two exhibitions, general displays, and a bite to eat at the café.

 We have 22 participants meaning the cost of the bus hire will be $50 per person.  There have been a few withdrawals so there are 5 spare seats if you know someone who wants to come. We require a $20 deposit by 18th December. You can pay at the gallery or direct deposit to BSB 646 000 A/C 100073110 Reference: Bus - Surname. If you prefer you can pay the full bus fare of $50.

If you have a friend coming along, who is not a member and therefore we do not have contact details, could you forward this email/letter on to them.

The Archibald Prize and the Streeton Exhibition are ticketed events, and it is STRONGLY ADVISED to purchase your tickets prior to the day. Further, for the Archibald, you are required to nominate a time to enter.  Entry times are on the hour and 15, 30, 45 minutes past the hour. There are no scheduled times to view the Streeton Exhibition, though tickets are required. There is a combined Archibald/Streeton ticket for $35 adult or $32 concession. NOTE, cash is not accepted at the gallery so if you have not pre-purchased, you will have to pay by card. You can book tickets at  or by phone on 136 246.

If you do not have a card or are experiencing difficulties booking on line, please contact Toby 0428 630 214 or myself 0407 953 928. We feel it is imperative to pre book as nothing would be worse than to arrive on the day and find the exhibitions are sold out.

Dungog Arts Society Christmas Party

Our Christmas party will be held at the gallery on Friday 18th December from 5:00pm. Please bring a plate (and something on it!)

Art Day at Donna’s

There will be another art day at Donna’s place at 82 Mackay St Dungog on Monday 21st December from 10:30am.

Christmas Raffle

Our wheelbarrow, generously donated by Bunnings Maitland is filling up but there is still room for more gift donations. Please drop them off at the gallery as soon as possible as the drawing date, 23rd December is fast approaching.

Change to monthly meeting times

It has been decided that we will commence our monthly meetings at the earlier time of 5:00pm. This will apply from our meeting on 4th February as there will be no meeting in January.

History Manual Updated

Our Historian, Pat Staker has updated the History Manual for the Dungog Arts Society. A copy of this can be found in the back room and it makes for fascinating reading.

The committee wishes all members a safe and happy festive season. We look forward to a less challenging 2021 and continued growth of our society.


Greg Mudie


Dungog Arts Society


Dungog Arts Society November 2020 newsletter

Hello members

Ahh…the sounds of Summer, birds and lawnmowers

Annual General Meeting

All committee positions were thrown open and the following members were elected to the following positions


President                                 Toby Solomon

Vice President                         Cynthia Denning

Secretary                                 Greg Mudie

Assistant Secretary                 Cheryl Lavender

Minutes Secretary                   Marilyn Rudak

Membership Secretary           Marilyn Rudak

Treasurer                                 Ruth Dircks

Assistant Treasurer                Simone Turner Ryan

Publicity Officer                      Cynthia Denning

Workshop Co-Ordinator         Donna Woodlands

Exhibition Co-Ordinator         Simone Turner Ryan

Historian                                 Pat Staker

Curator                                    Carrie Williams

Assistant Curator                   Cynthia Denning

Public Officer                          Toby Solomon

Roster Officer                         Ira Morgan

Website Administrator           Greg Mudie

Congratulations to all who have attained a position on the committee and a big thank you for the work done by the outgoing committee.

Trip to Sydney for the Archibald Prize

The art society is planning a day in Sydney to visit the Archibald exhibition and the Streeton exhibition, both at the Art Gallery of NSW and a visit to see the refusals at the Ervin Gallery with lunch in between. Date: Wednesday 6 January 2021. If there is enough interest we are hoping to hire a bus for approximately $50/person. Please click here if you are interested and complete the Contact Us form or go to our Facebook page and record your interest in the comments section of the post, or simply drop into the gallery This is not a commitment but it is an expression of interest so we know whether to proceed with plans.

This outing is available to any member of the public, not just Dungog Art Society members.

Christmas Raffle

We intend to run a Christmas raffle again this year. We hope to get either a trolley or wheelbarrow from Bunnings and fill it with Christmas goodies.

Paint Day at Donna Woodlands

After a great response to the first paint day, there will be another on Monday 16th November at Donna’s place at 82 Mackay St, Dungog from 10:30

Christmas Party

A date for your diaries. Our Christmas Party will be held at the gallery on 18th December from 5pm. More details next month.

Gallery Roster Changes

If you need to change the day that you work at the gallery, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. The roster is included with each newsletter for your convenience.


Til next month.


Greg Mudie


Dungog Arts Society

Dungog Arts Society Newsletter October 2020

Hello members

What spectacular weather we had for visitors to our region.

Annual General Meeting

A reminder that the Dungog Arts Society will hold its Annual General Meeting on Thursday 5th November at the gallery. Positions on the committee will be filled. If you would like to nominate for any position please complete the attached nomination form and ideally return it to the gallery before the AGM or bring it along on the night.

Paint Day

A number of members have mentioned that they miss the opportunity of painting together as a group. Donna Woodlands has offered to host a paint day at her home at 82 Mackay St, Dungog on Monday 19th October from 10:30am. The subject will be still life. Bring along your own medium and Donna will offer a cuppa and biscuits.

Sausage Sizzle – Bunnings Maitland

Bunnings contacted to advise that they have recommenced the weekend sausage sizzle at their Maitland store. They offered 2 dates in October, but unfortunately at such short notice we were unable to fill those dates. At the moment, due to COVID-19 considerations, Bunnings have positioned the sausage sizzle outside the Nursery entrance. The feeling at our meeting was that there would be greater benefit when the sausage sizzle is located adjacent to the main entrance. Therefore, we decided not to approach Bunnings for a date until the new year, when hopefully virus restrictions will be eased and the sizzle relocated to the main entrance.

Christmas Decorations – Front Window

Rather than display tacky tinsel and baubles in our front window at Christmas, it was suggested that we have an Australian themed display of native Christmas bells and other Australiana.

Change to Gallery Opening Hours

There is a general feeling that the gallery tends to have better sales as the day wears on. Therefore, it was decided to change the gallery hours to 11am to 3pm each day. We will advertise as such, but Simone who works every Monday likes to open at 9am, so this will be a bonus done at her initiative.

On a related matter, it was decided that the gallery will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.


Until next month

Greg Mudie


DAS September Newsletter

Plenty of smiling farmers in town after the recent rains. Dungog is looking just beautiful at the moment.

Gallery Lighting

The long-awaited lighting upgrade to the gallery has taken place. The new lighting has made a tremendous difference, with the premises bright and inviting and the art works shown to their full potential.

The upgrade was made possible, initially, with a grant of $1000 from Arts Upper Hunter. There was still a shortfall of $415 and this gap was quickly filled with generous donations from the following members, Pat & John Staker, Greg & Phyl Danvers,  Royce Burns & Dianne Pope, Marilyn Flannery, Wendy Grahame, Cheryl Lavender, June Beckett, Lyn Rayward, Greg Mudie, Elaine Stuart, Toby Solomon and Phillippa & John Graham, Thank you all.
A special mention to John Staker, an electrician by trade, who sourced the lights and installed them, free of charge.
The Dungog Archies
After many false starts, the Dungog Archies finally opened to the public on Friday 4th September.
The wait was certainly worth it as the exceptional works of 25 local artists went on display. Our judge, James Lovegrove of IGA supermarket certainly had his work cut out determining the winners from a very strong field.
And the winners were…..
!st Prize – Greg Danvers – My Beanie & I
2nd Prize – Helene Leane – Kev Runciman on the tools
Youth under 13yo – Lily Cook – Phillipa Hudson
Youth 13 to 18yo – Isa Taylor – Grandad
Of course, the Dungog Archies could not go ahead without the generous support of our sponsors. Once again, the prizemoney of $1000 for the senior section was donated by the Medical Practice Dungog. This year, there was $250 prizemoney allocated for Youth entries, generously sponsored by $200 from Mr Doug Spedding. The Dungog Arts Society is extremely grateful for the unswerving support of these Dungog art lovers.
The exhibition runs until Friday 18th September.
If you cannot make it to the gallery, all entries are on display on our website at
or our Facebook page
Rather than have one member take on the arduous role of Workshop Co-ordinator, it was decided at the last meeting to have a Workshop Committee. Jan Samson volunteered to head that committee ably supported by Donna Woodlands. Any other member who would like to assist in this area is asked to get in touch.
Off to Tasmania
Well loved member Jane Winiarczyk is moving to Tasmania in early October. She will be sadly missed and we wish her well down there. We eagerly await a photograph of her wearing a jumper on a cold Winter’s morning.
Greg Mudie
Dungog Arts Society

Creativity in Lockdown – Our members respond

Hello fellow members of the Dungog Arts Society

The COVID-19 virus has changed our lifestyle dramatically. Reluctantly we closed the gallery and postponed the Archies.

One unfortunate aspect of these actions has been that there is now minimal contact amongst members. The society exists to foster art in Dungog and to provide a focal point for social interaction between members and the public.

The fact that we are now forced to spend more time at home should not mean that we become less active creatively, in fact it is an opportunity to get the creative juices flowing and pass the idle hours productively.

Our member Greg Danvers has been doing just that, working on his art and he has come up with an excellent suggestion. He proposes that we continue to create and display our works electronically. To do this, I have added a page to our website “isolation art”, whereby members can email their works and they will be added to the page. Greg further suggests that we each offer one work to be sold when this crisis ends and the gallery reopens, with the full sale price going to the society. You will be aware that our society has no income during the shutdown, yet has bills to pay, causing an unsustainable drain on our reserve funds.

We encourage you to get creative and support this effort. Involvement will be good for your sanity during this difficult period. Your contributions can take any form, paintings, photos, poems, stories, funny experiences, changes you have made. It can also be a point of contact for members who may be experiencing difficulties, for example shopping or cleaning.

Email your contributions to Use the subject line “isolation art” and feel free to add any snippets of how you are coping with the virus. Then check our website and see your fellow members’ contributions on the isolation art page.

We want our members to know that the society has every intention of weathering the storm of COVID-19 and plans to continue to be part of the fabric of Dungog’s society into the future. We can only do this with your assistance.

August 2020 Newsletter

Dear Members

There has been a lot happening this month. Let’s get straight into it.

Mayor and General Manager attend our August meeting

We were honoured to have the Mayor John Connors  and GM

Gareth Curtis attend our meeting, specifically to discuss the Dungog Library upgrade. Dungog Shire Council was the recipient of a $500,000 Public Library Infrastructure Grant.  Our Society contacted Council, to explore the opportunities to benefit from an expanded library. There was the hope that Dungog Arts Society could have a presence there, displaying some works and drawing attention to our gallery.

Mayor Connors explained that the grant had clear and unambiguous guidelines that demanded that the funds were spent on improvement to library services. There was no provision to create or contribute to a “cultural centre” per se.  It is our Society’s position that the Dungog community would benefit from a cultural centre  and whilst this particular grant will not provide that, Council is prepared to work with us in pursuing any grants in the future that may achieve that aim.

The Dungog Archies – Good News

With COVID-19 ever present, it was decided to abandon any hope of holding an opening night. The risk of transmission of the virus is too great. However, we will go ahead with the exhibition, holding it in the gallery. Our Society feels duty bound to honour the commitment made by the entrants, to display and judge their works and distribute the prizemoney that has been generously offered by the Dungog Medical Practice and Mr Doug Spedding.

The exhibition will run from Saturday 5th September to Friday 18th September. There will be no charge to view the exhibition, but there will be a donation box available and we encourage viewers to help offset the loss of income from one of our major fundraising events.

Grant received from Arts Upper Hunter

Our Society has successfully applied for a $1000 grant from Arts Upper Hunter. The grant was applied for to renew the lighting in the gallery. However, there is a fly in the ointment. It has been our advice that the existing downlights could not simply be replaced with LED lights as they would “blow” as they were not compatible with the existing wiring. John Staker was in the gallery recently and he had 2 spare LED globes from his caravan so it was decided to replace 2 downlights with these LED lights to see what would happen. Well nothing happened. The LED globes did not blow and have functioned perfectly prompting your humble Secretary to go to Bunnings and purchase 3 X 6 packs of LED lights for the princely sum of $32.80 and replace all the lights. To date they are working perfectly.

The point of this story? We now have $1000 and no need to spend it as outlined in our grant application. There appears to be provisions, with the approval of Arts Upper Hunter to change how the funds can be spent.  Therefore, I am calling on all members to offer suggestions on how to spend the money. It cannot be used on operating costs such as rent and electricity. Workshops developing the skills of members would be ideal. Please put your thinking caps on and come up with suggestions as time is limited to change the purpose of the grant.

Displaying our works in a Dungog Air BnB.

We had a request from a Dungog resident who owns a BnB for artworks to be displayed, free of charge in her holiday let. The trade off being publicity for artists involved and references back to our gallery. The meeting voted not to accept this offer and I have advised the owner accordingly. However, if any member wishes to take advantage of this offer, I can put you in touch with her.

Membership renewals

If you are yet to renew your membership, please do so as soon as possible. Just to clarify that should you renew online via our website, you cannot make payment via the site. You simply do a direct debit and we match up your renewal form with our bank statement


Until next month


Greg Mudie


Dungog Arts Society


Hello Members

Fingers crossed for further easing of COVID-19 restrictions, so that life can return to normal, whatever that is going to be.

Dungog Archies

Nothing concrete to report, but negotiations are proceeding with the view to the exhibition being held in September. Covid and unexpected Council requirements conspired against us for our 3 July opening, but the Society is committed to holding the Archies in some fashion, as soon as possible.

Membership renewals

Membership renewals are now due. We understand money is tight, this year more than any other, but our Society can only survive with the support of our members. The quickest and easiest way to renew your membership is via the website, from the comfort of your own home.

Here is the link

 Alternatively, a paper form is attached to this email, or simply pop into the gallery when next in town.

Gallery Roster

Last month, we had 3 days where the gallery did not open as intended, due to the person rostered neglecting to turn up. If, for reasons beyond your control, you cannot fill your shift, ring around and try and arrange a replacement. If that is not possible, let a committee member know and we will see what can be done. Put your shift in your diary or phone reminder so you don’t forget to turn up !!!

Dungog has been busy lately and we cannot afford to let sales opportunities slip by failure to open the gallery.

If you are not currently on the roster, but would like to help out, respond to this email. Even one day a month would assist greatly.

I have attached the August roster. We still require shifts to be covered on Saturday 1st, Sunday 16th and Saturday 29th. Again, respond to this email if you can assist or drop into the gallery and enter your name on the roster.

Dungog Library Upgrade

Further to last week’s letter concerning the upgrade, I encourage members to contact Council and advise them of Dungog Arts Society’s support for this program. The new library could well be a means of promoting our art and artists



Greg Mudie


Dungog Arts Society



Hello members

Well Monday 1 June was a memorable day as the gallery re-opened after the COVID-19 lockdown.

It is good that a sense of normalcy is returning, not just for Dungog Arts Society, but for the community in general.


It is with great pleasure that we can announce that the Archies are ready to go ahead. Opening night will be Friday 3rd July at 6:30pm at the Dungog Festival Lounge. The exhibition will run there on Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 3pm. Then on Monday 6th July, the exhibition will relocate to our gallery for a week.

We were obliged to hold the exhibition at the Festival Lounge due to social distancing restrictions. The larger premises there will allow greater numbers to attend. Of course, there is still the challenge of allowing as many people as possible to attend, tempered with providing a safe environment from the virus. Therefore, the exhibition format will be different than that of previous years. We intend to offer two sessions on opening night in an attempt to spread the crowd to meet social distancing requirements. There will be a 6:30pm session and a 7:30pm session. One hour should be sufficient to view the exhibition, enjoy a drink and some finger food and interact with friends in a responsible manner.

Ticket costs will be $10 per adult with children under 16 free. Tickets can be obtained from the gallery prior to the event, at the door on the night and via our website. EFTPOS facilities are available at the gallery and on the night.

We are also running a raffle in conjunction with the Archies. On offer as prizes is a painting by Gaye Shield along with a beautiful shawl hand made by Jane Winiarczwyk. Tickets are $2 and can be obtained from the gallery and on the night.

Please support this event. I can assure you that the standard of paintings is very high and competition for prizes will be fierce.

Finally, we are looking for members to fill the roster for the exhibition. We need staff for one shift from 6:30pm to 8:30pm on the Friday and a 3 hour shift 9am to noon and noon to 3pm on each of Saturday and Sunday. If you can assist, respond to this email with the times that you can fill.


Member Marilyn Flannery made 2 generous donations to the Society during lockdown to assist with our running costs. Liz Aldis donated a number of her marvelous paintings, 2 of which were offered up at the online art auction which realized $300 for the coffers. Thank you, ladies. Don Whitton is mindful that sponsorship for our Annual Exhibition may be down this year due to tough times for businesses due to the lockdown and has made a very generous pledge to prizemoney for the event.


Speaking of the Annual Exhibition, it has been decided to postpone the event for this year. It is most likely that the Dungog Festival will not go ahead in October, thereby denying us the visitor numbers so vital for a successful exhibition. Provisionally, a date in March 2021 will be found.


Our sponsor and landlord Doug Spedding has negotiated a rental deal to assist us through the COVID-19 pandemic. Rent payable has been reduced from $270 to $200 per week for a 4 month period from late March 2020. At the conclusion of that period, rent will rise to $270 per week plus an amount to make up the difference between the $200 actually paid and the $270 due. Therefore, we will pay $310 per week for 104 weeks to repay the deficit, after which rent will revert to $270 per week.


Membership renewal is due from 1 July. We understand that finances may be tight due to COVID-19, but our society, more than any time in the past, is relying on your support to survive into the future. If you value the contribution that the Dungog Arts Society makes to the community and its importance to the wellbeing and social interaction of the members, please renew your membership and do your part to assist in the survival of your society.

The quickest and easiest way to renew your membership is to go to our website at on your laptop or smartphone.

If you need a paper form, one is attached to this email, or drop into the gallery for one.


The NSW Government has announced this package for not for profit organisations. We will lodge an application and can apply for an amount equivalent to expected lose of income for the 2020 calendar year. Wish us luck.


Member Leigh Nankervis has offered to run a workshop in lithography. Dates are yet to be finalized. A list is at the gallery. Add your name if you would like to attend or respond to this email and you name will be added.


We intend to recommence the drawing classes in September with a fee of $20 per month rather than $5 per week. More details to follow.


There are a number of vacant dates. If you can fill one please respond to this email or attend the gallery

Click here for the roster




Greg Mudie


May 2020 Newsletter

Hello members

As lockdown drags along there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully it won’t be too long before life returns to normal.

Gallery Rent

Our gallery remains closed and some members have asked about the rent for the premises. Our landlord, Doug Spedding has been most generous in allowing us to forego rent payments for the duration of the lockdown. Of course, this rent will be made up by increased rental payments when the gallery opens.  Toby has just negotiated a new agreement and there has in fact been a weekly rent reduction for 4 months.  Thank you, Doug.

The National Bank has also deferred payments for our EFTPOS service until November. However our sponsors of EFTPOS, Dick & Lynn Jenkin have graciously decided to continue to pay the $40 monthly fee to the gallery.

Vale Brian Wade

Sadly, we report the recent passing of longtime member Brian Wade. Friends will miss him deeply. Wendy Grahame relates that until his recent ill health, Brian was a very active member of the society. He was one of those members who could always be relied upon to put his hand up and be involved in any activity. A fine artist, Wendy says he also had a keen eye for floral arrangements and his centrepieces were a highlight on dining tables and at various functions including our annual exhibitions.

Mother’s Day

If you are struggling with gift ideas for Mother’s Day, Toby has generously offered to open the gallery for anyone wishing to purchase an item from our selection. Just give her a call on 0428 630 214 to arrange a time.

Art Auction

Our member, Cheryl Lavender has suggested we run an Art Auction on Facebook as a means to raise badly needed revenue and to keep members engaged. She will provide one of her works and will generously pay a higher commission rate to the gallery.

Liz Aldis has kindly donated a number of works and we would like to offer 2 of them at our first auction. We ask that you visit the Dungog Arts Society Facebook page and have a look and lodge a bid if you would like to be the proud owner of Liz’s fine works. Also, we ask that you “Share” the link with your friends, so that the auction can reach as many people as possible. If it is successful, we can run many more auctions in the future.

Isolation Art

Don’t forget we have a page on our website called isolation art, where you can submit any works you have done during lockdown to while away the hours spent inside.

Here is the page

And here are instructions to add your work

Commission Work Available

Previously we mentioned that Dungog resident Michael Williams was looking for artists to complete paintings to decorate his house. He sat down with Simone and went over his requirements. Simone has forwarded the following

 “Michael Williams has chosen canvas size, all landscape. 22x28inches (56×71cm) these are available at Eckersleys $45.25ea. He wants 5x paintings. 1x Arnott's Biscuit truck driving along a road in a landscape. 1x of Red Kelpie Dog on back of a Ute within a landscape. 1x of His building with RM Williams advertising on it, angle took from The Long room cafe, with no neighbouring buildings. 1x Ampol Garage within a country scene. 1x NRMA servicing a car along a country road that has broken down. Michael would like a price of $300. (Quote was low and he had not budgeted for $500 each).” Editor’s note. Canvasses can be sourced more cheaply at various outlets.

If you would like to be involved, contact Michael directly on 0468 833 929.

Stay safe

Greg Mudie


Dungog Arts Society


April 2020 Newsletter


Hello Dungog Arts Society members.


I write this realising we blew right past the April meeting without even a phone call of enquiry. We are all hunkered down in various forms of isolation, doing our best to ride out this storm. I hope this finds us all in good health, and allowing art to bring us peace. We have 1 member who had Covid-19 but has thankfully recovered. 


We remain closed for the time being. I hear 2 months, but I’m guessing more like 6. I hope I’m wrong. There is a sign on the door stating we are closed, that the Archies competition has been postponed and that viewing is available by appointment only, and my phone number provided. Today our electricity is supposed to be turned off in an effort to lower our financial obligations. I am in negotiations with Doug Spedding, our landlord, with the intension of suspending our rent, to be made up with an increase when we reopen. Nothing has been finalised yet, but our automatic payments to him have been stopped. And NAB has waved our Efpos monthly fee until November. Dick Jenkin, who donates the monthly fee to us, has opted to continue his donation through our closure. A big thank you goes out to Dick.


I am also in negotiations with The Gloucester Advocate regarding the publication, Gloucester Towns. You may remember that several of our members generously donated so we could have a presence in this tourist publication. It turns out that distribution began on the first of March. Of course there’s not much benefit derived from it for the foreseeable future, and I have requested compensation; I am waiting for an answer to this.


Greg, in his role as secretary, has been reviewing possible grants so we may upgrade our lighting. He applied for one, which was unfortunately unsuccessful in obtaining money, but he will continue to persevere in this effort.


So, as you can see, there are as yet several unanswered questions pending. Hopefully, by the next time you hear from me (or Greg), much of the outstanding issues will have be settled.


If you have any suggestions or questions, I am available on 0428 630 214.


In the meantime, keep well and keep creating. Remember that art feeds the soul in a way that nothing else can.



March 2020 Newsletter

Hello members

I trust you are all well. It is nice to hear the whirl of lawnmowers as the rain has revived the grass. Everything is so lovely and green.

Request for works of Art

Our Thursday meeting opened with an address from new man in town, Michael Williams. He has a desire to hang artwork in his residence and will commission artists from our gallery to do so. He is looking for 5 paintings, of dimensions around 700cm X 600cm or thereabouts. He desires a particular theme that represents old world charm in country towns, the likes of general stores, petrol stations, buildings with outdoor displays such as ads for Bushells Tea, Arnotts biscuits, Rosella sauce, you get the drift. If interested we can put you in touch with Michael

The Archies

The Archies is fast approaching. It is not too late to get your entries in with closing date being Wednesday 18th March. But remember you have until 25th March to delivery your entry so pay by 18th and deliver 25th with opening night Friday 27th March.

There has been a slow response to Youth entries, so encourage the young ones amongst you to have a go. It is very easy to enter the Archies on our website, so no paper form required. Go to

If you can volunteer on the night, serving drinks, food, manning the front door etc respond to this email and we will put you on the roster.

Advertisement “Barrington Towns” magazine.

Thanks to all those who pledged money to make the Barrington Towns ad a reality. Also thanks to Cynthia Denning who commissioned and paid for the design of the ad.  The magazine should be in tourism outlets from late March so it will be interesting to see the reaction.

Bunnings Maitland Sausage Sizzle

It is all systems go with Bunnings allocating us a date of Saturday 13th June for a sausage sizzle. At Thursday meeting seven enthusiastic members put their hands up to man the bbq. I am waiting for Bunnings to send me details of hours required and also figures of takings from previous sizzles.

It is likely that we would have an 8 hour day there, so hopefully we can have enough volunteers to roster 4 hour shifts. If you can put your name down, again get in touch with the gallery or respond to this email.

Donation from Loveys Grocers

You may be aware that Loveys Grocers have a Loyalty Reward Program, where a percentage of what you spend in store goes to worthy organisations. We gratefully received our quota this month. If you shop regularly at Loveys, and have a reward card, can you consider making the society the recipient of any benefits.

Treasurers Report

Another quiet month in the gallery, where again our outgoings exceeded our takings. Hopefully things can turn around soon, but in the meantime, it makes it all the more important to support our fund raising initiatives.

Ruth also has asked that members be more careful when writing receipts as a recent error, where a cheque was receipted twice, made balancing the books difficult. The alleged offender has assured me that he will take more care in the future as he does not want to get a bad name in the Munni area.

Application for Grants

The NSW government, via the Office of Tourism is offering Funding for Regional Events. The total pool is only small, $1 million statewide, however any grant can be used up to 31 December 2020. Potentially we could apply for the grant to promote our Annual Exhibition. The grant cannot be used for prizemoney. Applications close 25th March, so I will look into the application process.

We are still awaiting outcome of our gallery lighting grant.

Trip to Archibald Prize in Sydney.

It is still proposed to organise a bus trip to Sydney for the Archibald Prize. The date pencilled in is Wednesday 17th June. If interested, a list has been started at the gallery, or email the society.

Monday Drawing Classes – Possible changes

Our Monday evening class is limping along. Numbers are down. We’re wondering if people would prefer a daytime class rather than evening. As it is there aren’t enough attendees to keep it going.  Please email back your thoughts or speak to a committee member.


Gaye Shield organised a workshop held at the CWA building in pastel techniques, facilitated by renowned artist Gwendolin Lewis. The event was well patronised and thank you Gaye for your hard work.

Jan Ailwood is running watercolour classes at her home studio. Full details can be found on our website here

It is hoped to have perennial favourite Pablo Tapia hold a workshop in November on portraiture, in preparation for the 2021 Archies. Stay tuned for further details. They will certainly go up on our new improved website when available…have you paid a visit lately?

Until next month

Greg Mudie


Dungog Arts Society

Newsletter February 2020

Hello members

I hope the rain has lifted everyone’s mood. The grass is green and the dams are filling up. With a bit more rain forecasted, even the farmers are happy. Let’s hope that this is the turn in fortunes that we all have been waiting for.

February Monthly Meeting

The February monthly meeting was well attended with 15 members in attendance. We know that it was well attended as our guest speaker, Tracey Lowery, Community Project Officer with Dungog Shire Council advised us that none of the many committee meetings that she attends in her official capacity is so well represented. Attendance could well have been more impressive as there were a number of apologies from members unable to attend.

Tracey was able to speak at length on matters that vitally affect our society. Primarily, she confirmed that funding for our Annual Exhibitions should be made each year through the Community (Small) Grants program. Our fears that the guidelines were outside the scope of conditions were allayed as Tracey stated that there was a good deal of discretion when reviewing grants.

Tracey also gave valuable information in regards to applying for other grants. She also discussed ways that our society can interact with council in the various community involvement events, such as Seniors Week, International Women’s Day etc. Tracey also suggested that we could be included in the various Newsletters that circulate within the Shire. All in all there was much to consider and there are obvious benefits to our society.

The Archies

A reminder that the Archies are in full swing. Get those paints out and have your entry in by 18th March and come along for the opening on Friday 27th March, at the gallery at 6pm. Encourage your friends to enter especially the children as there is $250 in Youth Section prizes this year.

 Treasurer’s Report

The Christmas holiday period was not kind to us this year. No doubt the bushfires had a massive effect on visitor numbers to the town and consequently to the gallery. Sales were minimal and we ran at a loss for the December/January period. This makes a successful Archies all the more important so please give it your full support.

Trip to Sydney for the Archibald Prize

We are still keen to get a trip to the Archibald Prize up and running. At this stage we have a provisional date of Wednesday 17th June pencilled in. If we can get around 40 participants, we can hire a large coach with a fare of approximately $30. Departing Dungog at 7:00 am and returning by 6:00pm with a stop at Clarence Town to pick up passengers. We will need numbers soon so contact us if you are interested.

Advertising in The Dungog Chronicle

We were approached by the Chronicle to participate in a brochure promoting tourism in the Barrington region. Whilst there would be benefits from being involved, the minimum cost of over $500 for a quarter page advertisement is beyond our financial capacity at this stage, so it was voted to decline their offer.

Sausage Sizzle – Maitland Bunnings

Our society is pursuing the opportunity to run a Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings. This I feel would be a fantastic opportunity to raise much needed funds. Ruth Dirks, who has experience is these matters, believes it would not be unreasonable to raise $1000. This is serious money. I have made initial enquiries and will advise when a date is available.

Grant for lighting for the gallery

Our grant application is awaiting approval, with advice that successful applicants will be advised in March (date unknown). Stay tuned.

Workshop report

A workshop has been organised by Gaye to be held 7th March. Gwendolyn Lewis will be holding it and the subject being “mixed media” the cost is $40.00 for the day. Wendy suggest we charge $50.00 and hire the hospital room to have the workshop. Numbers are limited so contact us if you are interested.

Regional Shows

For those members interested in entering works in Regional Shows, there are 2 in the immediate future.

Gresford show 2020 is the 13th & 14th March. Download entry form www.

Newcastle Art Show, running from 6-8 March, with entries closing Friday 2020.

New Website

The new website is live. Hopefully you received the separate email so I will not elaborate here. Remember that alterations/additions/hints are very welcome.


Greg Mudie


Dungog Arts Society

January 2020 Newsletter

Hello fellow members

I trust that you have enjoyed the festive season and to date have maintained your New Year’s Resolutions. For my part, I lasted 48 hours, which may sound pathetic, but is in fact a new record.

Dungog Archies 2020

By now you should have received an email from Toby concerning details of our Archies. We are excited by the addition of a youth category and we encourage you to speak to family and friends who may have children with an artistic streak who would like to enter. Remember there is no commission taken from youth sales.

Those other Archies

The Archibald Prize is held annually in Sydney and in the past, Dungog Art Society has organised a bus tour to the exhibition, incorporating lunch and return the same day. The exhibition runs from 9 May to 6 Sep, so at this early stage expressions of interest only are sought.

Funding 2020 Annual Exhibition

I attended the Dungog Shire Council meeting of Wednesday December 18 and presented the case for Council to continue to fund prizemoney for our 2020 Annual Art Exhibition. Briefly, funding was not ensured as our organisation did not apply through the preferred channel of the Community (Small) Grants Program. I am pleased to report that Council has looked favourably upon our request and will provide the usual $500 donation.

Grant for new lighting of the Gallery

An application has been lodged with the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal for a grant to replace the existing downlights with more cost effective and environmentally friendly LED lights. Successful applicants will be notified in March. Fingers crossed.

Visit the Gallery

Have you been to the gallery lately? The premises are looking fantastic and are a testament to the hard work of our loyal volunteers. Visitors have commented on what a lovely, friendly gallery it is and it a credit to our town.

Drawing classes to resume

After the Summer hiatus, drawing classes will resume on Monday 3 February at 5:30pm at the gallery. Cost is $5 per person.

Next monthly meeting

Monthly meetings will resume on Thursday 6 February at 5:30 pm at the gallery. Please come along and show your support for the organisation. Many of us retire to the restaurant next door at the conclusion of the meeting for a meal and a red, making it a pleasant night out.


Greg Mudie


Dungog Arts Society